5 tips for hygge home decor

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 5 quick tips on how to make your home more hygge 

So what is hygge in the first place? Hygge is a design and lifestyle concept from Denmark which is becoming increasingly popular. Associated with pale neutral colour schemes, especially white, Hygge homes focus on happiness and well-being.

"It’s a special atmosphere of a special moment. It’s where everything just falls into place. Where the company is right, where the temperature is right, where we feel comforted, safe, warm and happy."

Marie Tourell Søderberg, Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness

There’s no need to invest in expensive décor, small changes to your home and your lifestyle is all that’s needed to give your home a little more hygge while also staying nature friendly.

First tip - chose your materials!

Pay attention to what your household items are made off. All the natural materials like ceramics, wood, linen, wool will help to create a more natural nurturing home and will be healthier than the alternatives. Linen tablecloths, pillows, even blankets will bring warmth and coziness to your home.
Linen is one of the most eco friendly materials -- growing flax produces no waste as all its parts
are used for different purposes, it does not require any pesticides, grows in unfertilised soil that other cultures would not thrive in.
If you are looking for high quality natural materials for your home -- Etsy has a great deal to offer here. There are a lot of great shops that sell handmade items from natural materials -- a few of them that I tried myself are CozyLinen (for all your table linen needs and more - great aprons, towels, napkins and tablecloths and all from 100% linen and handmade with care), Pillowlink (pillows of all shapes and forms, great design and high quality linen). You can find 100% eco wool legwarmers and shoes in Woolenclogs shop. For all your ceramic needs you can try MissDishCeramics.

Second tip -- colours can make it or break it

Woolenclogs ombre felt winter boots in hygge surroundings
Woolenclogs ombre boots, Pillowlink blush pink cushions,
Cozylinen pink linen blanket, MissDishCeramics pink plate
Colour coordinating your home decor is important if you want to achieve that cozy hygge feeling. It is not necessary to choose just one or two colours, instead choose a feeling that you want to achieve, is it soft, comfy relaxing home decor, something like this photo? See how well pastel pink goes together with grey, white and even a brick wall.
Think along the lines of warm and cosy to add texture and colour to your home. Chilly days and nights in the northern hemisphere make you want to snuggle up in wool legwarmers or a cozy linen throw while reading a book. Add further hygge style with cushions on the sofa, chairs and bed along with thick fluffy rugs to wriggle your toes into.

Third tip - how about some light?

Candles play a huge role in hygge living. They're used to create a relaxing ambience with their warm soft glow and scents that evoke good memories.
Find creative ways to place your candles, we tried using a cake dish for that and it turned out amazing!
Open fires and wood burners are used extensively in Danish décor, so, if you're fortunate enough to have either they're a great place to sit in front of with family and friends.
Even when it is not cold outside, you can add a bit more hygge by lighting the candles inside of your fireplace -- it will diffuse the light even further and give you the feeling of a cozy winter cottage without the winter.
Do not use center of the room ceiling lamps, use small area lights or even hidden LEDs to give that warm cozy glow to your surroundings.

Fourth tip - that perfect mood

Hygge isn’t solely about décor, it’s also about you, your family and your friends. Include the little things in life that make you smile, such as putting up photographs of happy times, drinking your favourite coffee or indulging in a warm bubble bath.
Sharing is a must in a hygge home. Eating wholesome food in-front of the fire or by candlelight with a gathering of friends or family are fabulous hygge moments that shouldn’t be overlooked.
Switch off and refocus by taking up a new hobby or reigniting an old one. A few hours on your own will make you feel refreshed and your batteries recharged. Enjoy your surrounding, every room in your home should be a sanctuary that you can step into at any given moment, so fill them with things that help you achieve this. But don’t over do it, hygge homes are rarely crammed to the rafters with clutter, but with carefully chosen meaningful items.
Remember the style isn’t about extravagance and cost, it’s about creating a warm and welcoming home that you and your visitors won’t want to leave.

Fifth tip - do you want a drink?

Woolenclogs gray legwarmers, MissDishCeramics cake stand,
Pillowlink gray pillow, CozyLinen gray placemat, Gusste cardigan
A steaming hot chocolate (tea or coffee if you prefer), a crackling fireside, cosy catch ups, walking on a frosty common bundled up in hats, scarfs and mittens – these are all “hygge”. To truly hygge, ceramic mugs are a must! You need that cozy, pausing feel of a mug in your hands. And if you really don’t have time at home to sit with a mug, at least invest in a reusable, glass to-go cup.
As a recognised ritual worldwide, tea drinking helps to enable feelings of optimism, knowledge, social bonding, gratitude and relaxation.
A cup of tea has long been the symbol of rest, break time, stopping for a breather. Arguably, its ritual could be the pinnacle of the hygge trend, with its implication of calm and togetherness.
Instead of letting hygge be another fad fashion-concept, we can take inspiration from its idea as a daily mindfulness practice, and make more frequent efforts to invite friends for tea, create social groups, and focus on the present moment. To make memories to be later laughed about, to talk about ideas, to be warmed from the inside out, to share the comfort of happiness.

These five quick ideas will give a start to your hygge journey. If you liked our photos and would love to have similar ones - you can read here on how we achieved this result.

Stay warm and cozy and hygge on!

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  1. Never had heard of Hygge, it looks so calming and beautiful!

    1. This trend emerged only last year and it is so dead on for the things that I do, that I was surprised I found out about it only several months ago. I am in love with it now!

  2. I really like the style, it is sort of soft but minimalist. But maybe not a surprise since I am Swedish. :)

    1. Hah :) Thank might be it you know, considering that hygge comes from Norway and was popularised by danes.

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